"Unapologetic marketing truth-teller..."


We were so lucky to have Katie — our audience loved her! Her talk was inspiring and funny (a perfect combination). She’s an all-around rockstar.
— Spiceworld organizers
Katie nailed it.
Best speaker of the show. Entertaining and informative.
My favorite speaker at INBOUND.
Just the right amount of funny and serious. Katie took a complex subject and made it relatable.
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 4.01.48 PM.png
Katie is best described by the pop of fireworks!

“She’s a burst of energy and colour to any speaker line-up, and I would highly recommend her for any marketing & sales event. A brilliant marketer who cuts the BS in favour of clear, usable strategies.”

Two words: hell yes!
Your talk was perfect: relevant, important and delivered flawlessly.
Funny, candid and actionable.
Fantastic speaker. Incredibly specific takeaways.
Katie opened so many eyes. Her talk was my favorite part of the show.
She over-delivered...

Katie’s presentation at our ‘Marketing to Women in the #MeToo Era’ workshop was outstanding. She over-delivered on her promise to give our attendees thoughtful and practical tools they can use to apply to their marketing programs.

Her delivery was smart, funny and entertaining. And her insights were spot-on and well-received by attendees, many of whom reached out after the event to say how inspired they were by her session.”

Energetic, memorable, engaging, captivating.

“We LOVE Katie and can't recommend her enough for your events as a speaker.

Be prepared for authenticity and passion that will leave your audience feeling moved, motivated and ready for whatever Katie may be telling them to live for or fight for within their marketing strategy.”


MDX-19: Pick Your B2B Battles: Why Marketing's Fight for Attention is Over

Marketing Was Never Supposed to Be This Way, TEDx

"Calling Bullsh*t on Faux Feminism in Marketing," Women in Digital National Conference

"Find an Enemy" INBOUND

"30 Ways to Create B2B Buzz" MarketingProfs B2B Forum Watch with slides.

(R)evolutionary History: From Suffragettes to Social Media, Women in Digital National Conference opening.

Katie Martell is known as an unapologetic truth teller. How did she create her brand? How did she build and grow her consulting business? How did she become a thought leader in the over-hyped marketing space?



I never thought I’d look forward to an emcee between talks this much!
Irreverent, smart and entertaining – a perfect emcee.
— Lee Odden

You were a kick ass emcee. A thrill to watch you own that stage. - Kelly Mooney, IBM iX

Waking up Tim Washer (SNL, John Oliver, IBM)

Waking up Tim Washer (SNL, John Oliver, IBM)



Katie Martell, On-Demand Marketer

Katie Martell is an unapologetic marketing truth-teller. 

Named “one of the most interesting people in B2B marketing,” a "marketing expert to follow" and a top marketing writer on LinkedIn, Martell has been a millennial CMO, in-house rabble rouser, and the world’s first “Director of Buzz." She now advises high-growth brands as an on-demand marketer.

Martell serves as the Executive Director of Boston Content, the city's largest nonprofit community of content professionals, and hosts the Explicit Content podcast with Enterprise Marketer, featuring direct and honest conversations about marketing.

With a distinct opinion about the world of marketing, Katie is a frequent speaker and emcee at conferences including TEDx, INBOUND, and MarketingProfs.

Follow her on Twitter @KatieMartell and subscribe to The Worlds Best Newsletter at Katie-Martell.com



Based in Boston, MA

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“Katie's session was excellent, dynamic presenter and great material.”

“Inspiring presentation - great energy!”

“Great speaker, actionable content. My favorite of the event.”

“I loved Katie! She had so many ideas that we can put into action. I left so excited and inspired. I adored this session.”

“A highly engaging presenter with terrific energy and charisma!”

“Best speaker of the show. Entertaining & informative.”

“Not bad.” - Dad

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