The illustrious Ann Handley had the audacity to say on a live webinar to an audience of writers, PR practitioners, and other marketers herded together by Vocus that"there's no such thing as writer's block." Cue my reaction - similar to the face below - as I listened to the webinar while walking along the Boston seaport shore line:

Oh no she didn't!

(Yes I obviously looked that fashionable but I believe I was wearing a shirt too. Stock photo fail, Bigstock.)

Ann, ouch babe. Writer's block is one of those dirty little problems that creeps up on every marketer once in a while, but like a hickey under a scarf at work, we keep it hidden, knowing deep down that our livelihoods require us to write, write well, and keep on writing.

So what do we do when there's content for nurture campaigns and witty subject lines to be written for demand gen campaigns? When we have mere minutes to bang out a blog post or contributed article?

We focus. We get inspired. And we write.

On this webinar, Ann provided 15 titles to inspire you if you've hit one of those mental places where good ideas have gone to die. I found them so valuable, I emailed my team right away, and wanted to share them here as well:

  1. Quiz. Test Your Privacy IQ
  2. Skeptic. You Don't Control Your Privacy Anymore
  3. Explainer. The Online Privacy Debate in Plain English
  4. Case study. How One Person Got Control Over Privacy
  5. Contrarian. Why Online Privacy Concerns Are Overblown
  6. How-to. Five Steps to Improving Online Privacy
  7. Quick How-to. Three Stupid Simple Things You Can Do to Keep Your Profile Private
  8. How NOT to. Five Ways to Compromise Your Online Privacy
  9. First person. My Personal Privacy Horror Story
  10. Comparison. How Privacy Protection Services Measure Up
  11. Q&A Five Common Questions About Online Privacy with Edward Snowden
  12. Data. Are Privacy Problems Worsening? Yes, Says Survey
  13. Man on the street. Experts Offer Opinions on the State of Online Privacy
  14. Outrageous Why Online Privacy Is an Oxymoron
  15. BuzzFeed-style outrageous (not advised but good for a laugh!) This Woman Insists Online Privacy Is a Joke, and You Won't Believe What Happened Next

They're also in her new book which I am pre-ordering in t-minus 30 seconds,Everybody Writes.

Thanks Ann for exposing us all - but in all seriousness, thanks for calling us out. I agree with your big takeaway from the webinar and book: we're all capable of creating ridiculously good content.

(No excuses.)