I should start by saying, I have spent the majority of my marketing career promoting marketing tools and technology. Don't get me wrong, they're great. At a high level, tech has forever changed the game of marketing - for the better I believe.

But with such a massive and onerous landscape of marketing tools available, it is easy to get caught up in buying tools and tech, before strategy. That is also the fastest and most expensive way to fail.

Tools don't come with a strategy. Tools help to accelerate your efforts.

I came across a post today from help desk company Groove that presented three excellent things that really matter for content marketing, before tools are even considered:

  1. Deep, deep customer development.
  2. Publishing valuable, interesting and useful content as soon as you possibly can.
  3. Work as hard to promote your content as you do to produce it.

Simple, effective, true. Don't write a word until you take the time to understand your buyers. Publish quick, make it useful, and don't forget to invest time and resources in great promotion.

In his open letter to B2B marketers, Carlos Hidalgo points out that only 22% of companies are successful with content marketing. Yeah, 22%.

This stuff really isn't rocket science. Those three points are simple tenants that companies of every size can (and should) follow.

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