Pardon my french. If you've ever submitted a speaking proposal to SXSW, you know that you've GOT to stand out in a massive crowd of sessions, and sometimes profanity is the way to go. Plus, who doesn't love this happy emoji? [slideshare id=50938969&doc=dont-know-shit-150726135132-lva1-app6891]

No offense, but there’s a reason your marketing sucks: it’s all about you.

In today’s world of the ever-connected, information-empowered buyer, you can’t afford to lose their attention. This is the currency of the information age, and buyers (B2B or B2C) only give it to the brands who understand them.

Understanding buyers is the only competitive advantage that matters today.

Let's talk about how we got ourselves into a world where consumers inherently mistrust our marketing and expect a new level of customer-centricity.

Let's remember why we're here in the first place and what NEW tactics and technology are emerging to help get this right.

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You Don't Know Sht About Your Buyers
You Don't Know Sht About Your Buyers